cross stitch scans


shared for archival and nonprofit reasons, please contact me if you would like them removed

kirby goes ballooning / plays the banjo
kirby eats some cherries / celebrates a birthday
kirby eats strawberries / goes tubing
kirby goes gets wet / hugs himself

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single pattern

venus comb murex shell / chambered nautilus shell
episcopal mitre shell / seahorse
variable conch shell / atlantic blue crab
triton shell / herring gull
auger shell / tiger shell / brown pelican

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single pattern

goose gossip
geese on pond
geese with fence

bunny & carrots / cat in hat
cat & fish bowl / cow
sleeping teddy / butterfly

clown bear / cow / pig / teddy & balloons
girl & geese / lamb

a woman's place is in the mall
moms just wanna have fun
bear with me, i'm on a diet
i'm the mom, that's why / mom, we're home! what's for dinner?
the older i get, the better i cook!
are we having fun yet?
chocolate is my life

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love is a friend / color the world with love
friends are wonderful / love warms the heart
love is ewe / happiness is homemade
happy times are meant for sharing / my tastes are simple, i like the best

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world's greatest grandma / after forty it's patch, patch, patch
super mom / sunbonnet kids