SAMSON scans


SAMSON (月刊サムソン) is a gay japanese magazine started in 1982 for fans of bears, chubby, and older men. i have a small collection of samson magazine which you can find selected scans of below.

these scans are curated by me and feature my favorite part about SAMSON, the character-type illustrations featured throughout the magazine including in ads for bathhouses, bars, etc. they are not complete by any terms and are of an ADULT (18+) NATURE but i do not provide/host scans of the outright pornographic nature or photos of real men. the purpose of this collection is to share photos of others that show these types of men in charming and cute illustrations as these kinds of depictions are exceedingly rare in media.

repeated art or ads are included only in their first chronological appearance in my collection.

i prefer these scans not be reposted on sites like pinterest or tumblr but i have no ownership of them. please share this page if you choose to repost.

december 2004

december 2003

july 2003