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you are turquoise

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You're smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people's conflicts well.

Your saturation level is higher than average - You know what you want, but sometimes know not to tell everyone. You value accomplishments and know you can get the job done, so don't be afraid to run out and make things happen.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.
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Which Jewelpet Are You?

What Dere Type Are You?

Which Azumanga Daioh Driver Are You?

Which Chobits Character Are You?

Which Invader Zim Character Are You?

What Neopet Are You?

What Type Of Twilight Fan Are You?

What Wolf's Rain Character Are You?

I am a Dragonite!

what were you doing at 11 last night?
coming home from hanging out with my mom :p

do you think you and your best friend will be friends in 10 years?
very complicated question... we'll be in touch.

what could you eat any day of the week and never get tired of?
cheeseburgers and greek salad

what's the craziest thing you've done?
hopping out of my friend's car and grabbing a lawn sign from hardee's

someone knocks on your window at 5am, what do you say?
F OFF!!!!

funniest thing that happened in the last 24 hours?
i didn't hear my husband come home from work so i was shocked when he walked in my studio space... i was funnily shocked that my instinct had me lunge at him instead of running away.

do you have any plans for the weekend?

would you change yourself for the person you love?
sounds cliche but i don't think i could change myself...

let me guess, your last incoming call was from the opposite sex?
my mom...lol

would you kiss anyone you have texts from in your phone?
no o_O other than my husband

do you find drinking unattractive?

when was the last time something bothered you?
it bothered me yesterday that i went out to eat but the server didn't bring me refills u_u

do you know how to work a computer well??

to who did you last give the finger to?o_0

is it more common for you to follow your heart or your mind?
my heart and mind are often in agreement

six months ago, can you remember who you liked, who was it?
i've been married the whole time >_>

do you like to hold hands?
i do but i get nervous about being harrassed

anything embarrassing happen today?
not that i can think of...

would you ever go on a game show if you were offered?

what does your phone do when it receives a new text?
gets stress out

has anyone ever done mean things to you while you were sleeping?
no omg...

do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?
maybe so. idk if i can tell them everything but most things.

would you rather be at the beach or lake?
easily BEACH

last thing you spent money on?
went to wal mart -_-

what are you doing after this?
going to bed

your song of the week?
A.G. cook - idyll

have you ever cried from being so mad?

are you happy with the choices you've made?
no but there's no way i can change the past... i have to make peace with it

i bet you miss someone, huh?

would you rather be forced to eat 100 bananas or 100 apples?

have you dated the person you texted last?

is good grammar attractive?
nope... snobs...

are you friends with the people you were friends with two years ago?
generally, yeah

is there anyone you know with the name mike?
my brother ^_^"

what is today's date?

who was the last person to call you baby?
everyone in my friend group

has anyone ever sang to you?
not really

what is your favorite color?
baby blue

what color are your eyes?
hazel green

how tall are you?
6 feet

what do you have planned for tonight?
box of wine and kath and kim~

if you could have one wish right now what would it be?
i wanna talk to gram again... otherwise i'd wish to make it possible for my generation to buy houses

when is your birthday?
i'm not telling you

do you want to get married and have children one day?
i'm already married and i don't want kids

who is the 9th contact in your phone?
my granny <3

ever liked someone who treated you like crap?
still do

if you could spend more time with someone you used to be very close with, would you?

could you go a day without eating?
unfortunately yeah, i used to do this often

did your parents force you to go to church or let you make the decision?
i had quite a religious upbringing but i've abandoned it

what are you excited for?
going to universal again!!!!

did anyone see you kiss that last person you kissed?
my cat saw

do you still talk to the person you last kissed?

would you date an 18 year old at the age you are now?
hell no o_O

what are you listening to now?
paradise (ft hannah diamond) by charli xcx

what woke you up today?
i was up late so i just woke myself up at some point lol

would you take someone back if they cheated on you?
hell no

have you ever dyed your hair?
yeah, my signature was fire truck red hair in college

who was the last person you have a missed call from?
my bestie

where was your default picture taken?
universal studios, my home ^.^

how many windows are open on your computer?

anything you really want?
i always want things...

how many pillows do you sleep with?

can you have more than one best friend?
definitely yes... i hate the idea of best friends

what was last thing you drank?
box wine >:)

how many pets do you have?

what do you like better: hot chocolate or hot apple cider?
both are nostalgic

who last texted you?

who did you last text?
an old friend

do you know anyone whose pregnant?

what do you want right now?
i'm kewl~

7/26/2022 ~ source

who makes you smile the most?
my husband

what makes you unique?
hmm.. i don't know if i think of myself as unique. but i do think i have good taste.

whats your favorite movie?
spirited away or maybe i love you phillip morris ^_^

do you collect anything? if so what?
i used to be really into collecting toys but i've slowed down a lot recently. nowadays i guess i'm collecting lolita clothing and craft supplies.

are you taken or single?

whats one thing you do before you go to bed?
brush my teeth and get a glass of water

what piercings do you want/have?
right now i only have my septum pierced. i plan on getting each nostril and my nipples pierced.

if you could be with anyone right now, who would it be?
my grandma

whats your favorite energy drink?
sugarfree red bull ^_^

how big is your bed?
king size

do you cause trouble?
no, i'm a perfect angel ^_^v

have you ever skipped a class at school?
barely ever!!! but yes i did a few times

whats your favorite pizza place?
local pizza restauarants are the best

whats your favorite website?
neocities and youtube~

have you ever screamed so loud you lost your voice?

how many burned cds do you have?
a few

why do you do these surveys?
procrastination and boredom

do you like school?
i hated it in elementary, middle, and high school... but i sorta became a nerd in college and started enjoying it.

have you ever gotten something stolen? if so what?
probably but i can't remember

whats your favorite axe body spray?

do you own a fish tank with fish?
no, every few months i get tempted because i do love fish. unfortunately i think it's too big a commitment because if i did get them i would want to do it really properly.

do you like the movie 300?
i'm not sure if i've seen it. seems like there would be eye candy tho... ^_^"

is your room clean or messy?

what is your favorite song at the moment?
if you see us in the club - seshlehem

do you have a song stuck in your head? if so what?
probably the one i just mentioned...

what is your current mood?

do you have limewire?
i used to T_T

do you have a special someone?

do you have msn, yahoo, aim or gmail?
i only have gmail ^_^ r.i.p. to the ones that don't exist. i wish i still had msn.

whos on your mind right now?
nobody honestly

do you like hanging at the beach?
yes, it's actually one of my happiest places!!

have you ever been heartbroken?

do you pop your knuckles?
no, i think it's kinda gross

what did you do today?
i did a little work but i've mostly just been hanging out

if you could put any wild color in your hair, what would it be?
cartoon yellow

do you like scary or gory movies?
scary, yes. gorey, no.

do you like Italian food?

what is your favorite language?
i'm not sure... i do want to learn another language but i can't decide between spanish or korean.

whats your favorite gum flavor?

do you have photoshop?

do you buy ringtones on your cell?
no, it's always on vibrate

are you a random person?
i guess...

do you use tinypic or photobucket?
not anymore

what is your favorite mythical creature?
does the loch ness monster count?

do you have/had braces?
yes i had them when i was a teenager.

if so how long do you have them for?
probably about three years?

are you easily entertained?
i guess

do you like george bush?
O_O........ HELL NO

whats your favorite class in school?
art class

can you drive yet?
very badly

hats irratating you right now?
the fact that u brought up george bush o_O

is your cell phone pre-paid or non pre-paid?
non prepaid

6/29/2021 ~ source

♥A is for age: 27
♥B is for beer of choice? bud light
♥C is for career right now: artist
♥D is for your dog's name: i don't have one :P my cat's name is sophie
♥E is for essential item you use everyday: my toothbrush
♥F is for favorite TV channel: pbs, i don't have tv anymore though.
♥G is for favorite game to watch: neopets or animal crossing new leaf
♥H is for Home town: can't say...
♥I is for instruments you play: i played the piano and french horn in middle school
♥J is for favorite juice: cranberry~
♥K is for whose butt you'd like to be kicking: o_O
♥L is for last place you ate: cafe that serves sandwiches
♥M is for marriage: married ^_^
♥N is for your full name: can't say
♥O is for overnight hospital stay: never
♥P is for people you were with today: my husband
♥Q is for a quote: "everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't." - bill nye
♥R is for biggest regret: too deep to say anything like that here lol
♥S is for relationship status: married
♥T is for time you woke up today: 6am
♥U is for underwear you have on now: white briefs O.O""
♥V is for vegetable you love: i love them all~
♥W is for worst habits: eating too much and smoking cigs heh
♥X is for x-rays you've had: only at the dentist i think?
♥Y is for something yummy you ate today: coffeee!!
♥Z is for zodiac sign: sun in scorpio, taurus moon and rising

6/29/2021 ~ source

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