i thought it a little unrealistic to make full-scale petpages for all my modern neo pets so here's a little page to let you know a bit about them :)
also functions as a wishlist/task tracker, items at 50% opacity are things i am on the hunt for

soph the silver aisha

she can be moody at times but her steady, sleepy nature makes her easy to forgive

jollibee the rainbow aisha

a congenial aspiring chef and good friend, he's always prepared to entertain whoever stops by

tsukimi the disco aisha

a shy artist and designer who prefers the company of other otaku neets and her petpet, clara

syaoran the brown aisha

he can seem cynical at first but is secretly a softy, he has a knack for martial arts and the occult
caboodle playskool tavuchi epponnee
mille-feuille molasses neapolitan danish
shirley alba rosa seaspray joji
botanicus qutun hagumi shirin