this is my "trinket box" for random clippings and other otome or lolita fashion bits.
i would have called it a junk drawer but trinket box is more lolita. ^_^ hehe

how a full figure person can wear emily temple cute/AP skirts

so... i have a new finding that i need to put somewhere on the net. i have no idea if anyone will ever see it but i pray someone might find this info somehow...
when it comes to lolita, i'm the type of person who is bigger than what most brands accomodate. i prefer not to measure myself for body image reasons but i'm around the 90cm range. while lurking my favorite brands, i got curious about this cut (seen below) where skirts have a pleat-style gather.

my hypothesis was that i might be able to buy these kinds of skirts, take them apart, and switch the pleats for a typical gather like this (below)

swiped image for four square walls

guess what! it works! >:) to better explain what i did, i drew a bad diagram here:

i can't speak for other sizes but i was able to achieve a somewhat full skirt at 90cm waist, though a problem i ran into was expanding the waist band to accomodate. in one case, i added a complimentary fabric. in others, i used a small portion of the waistband to expand my waistband.

so far, i have done this method with emily temple cute and angelic pretty pleated skirts. i can provide worn photos after my wardrobe can achieve an actual coord lmfao O_O thanks!!

scans of my favorite coords from gothic & lolita, photos by masayuki yoshinaga, published by phaidon

there's something about this era of EGL fashion that i love so much but can't put my finger on. i think it's the casual nature compared to current day standards. i admire and respect the grand, royal ball-jointed doll style with ruffles and lace out the wazoo but for my own style, i'm really inspired by these kinds of looks. while looking through this, i also learned that the indie brand chocochip cookie is much older than i knew, it appears in many of the coord rundowns in this book.

tons of kira imai illustrations for angelic pretty

i can't remember where i pinched this from but definitely good inspo for building a wardrobe from scratch!

coord inspiration

DIY inspiration

emily temple cute

good for thrifted shirt ??