~ this is a safe site! though there is controversy around things like captive orcas, this is a positive page about my appreciation for them! ~ no scary/negative images allowed ~

welcome to orca grotto... my little page to show my appreciation for the beautiful species of orcinus orca, orca, or killer whale. i'm a late-in-life animal lover and didn't figure out how cool and majestic orcas are until i saw the documentary blackfish, directed by gabriela cowperthwaite.

it's seriously one of my life dreams to see orcas in the wild. i can't imagine how breathtaking it would be!!!!

as with all the pages here on secret cottage, it's humble and always under construction but i hope to keep adding kool orca resources and links.

links to read about orcas

  native american killer whale mythology (orca or blackfish)
  (VIDEO) 子供と遊ぶシャチの親子【名古屋港水族館2012】

orca adoptables

please let me know if you have any orca graphics i can add! especially cute pixel art. ^_^

blinkies made by me ^.^

kool orca pics

aquatic ambiance - donkey kong country ~ audio compliments of neo colors