A.K.A. my neopets history/musings

warning--> as suggested in the title, i am literally just rambling here >_< LOL i don't want to bother my friends with how much i think about neopets bwahah ^_^;

early memories of neopets

i've loved neopets for so long that i have no memory of how i learned about it! i know i started playing when i was in first grade in 2000. my first pet was a blue kacheek that i wanted to name fluffy. (it turned out being fluffy with lots of random numbers...) i didn't really know what i was doing when i first started playing, but that's kind of what i love about neopets. i spent hours just clicking around and getting lost on all the pages. over the years, i never really started playing successfully but still just loved exploring the pages. i was completely obsessed with neo all through elementary school and made sure to convince all my friends to play it too. my life and internet-use was so restricted when i was growing up and i was an obedient kid so the vastness and diversity of neo really enriched my life.

one of the old neopets things that i remember is when the chat board fonts allowed text to glow and have drop-shadow. please hit me up if you know what i'm talking about it, i really want to see a screencap of that effect lmfao. ^_^ i also remember when meridell was introduced.

i wanted a paintbrush SO BADLY as a kid. i've always been femme in my tastes so i mostly dreamed of faerie pets. in these days, there were offsite "adoption agencies" where you could adopt pets. this was pre-transfer so one user had to abandon the pet while the other user searched the pet's name immediately. after applying for tons of faerie pets, i was finally granted a faerie elephante. being that i was in second or third grade, i wasn't coordinated enough to adopt her and messed up the trade. -.-;;;;; i'm still embarrassed about it LOL

some of the old neopets things i love and miss
  • "shop malls" and how user shops used to be SOOO cluttered with autoplay music, gifs, and backgrounds
  • neopets click adventures
  • literally learning about pop culture as a sheltered kid by seeing fan edits on userlookups
  • SCREENIES!!!!!!!
  • the extreme excitement of neopets' huge boom in the mid 2000s, mcdonalds toys, jamba juice collab, neo board game, etc.
  • old neohomes
  • most of all... the old art!!!! i love it so much! plz come back >_<
if you or your site have kool old neopets images, i would love to see them!! or even hit me up if you know how to use wayback machine LOL^_^;

middle school memories

something i've never seen anyone talk about is using neopets around 2007-8 as a middle schooler. my closest friends and i still played at that time and by now i'd gotten good enough at doing dailies, playing games, etc. to start buying paintbrushes. i also received the lab map from a friend i met at camp. my best friend at the time and i became regulars on the pound chat and spent most of our online time surfing the pound and trading. we would surf for hours while talking on the phone lol^_^

i was starting to get better at accomplishing things on the site but i actually spent more of my time in middle school on the newbie chatboard which was actually used as a general chat by other teenagers? i ended up making my first internet friends and actually met my first boyfriend on neopets. O_O but because of the appropriate filtering and stuff, we were always risk at being frozen. as you can guess, my main account of YEARS was frozen because of something i said in a neomail. (not sure what specifically)

getting frozen was seriously devastating because neopets was my whole life. i spent a few years after that on burner accounts but never bothered much with it throughout high school. more or less, around 10th grade i put neo away until college.

unsuccessful neopets revivals (for me)

i tried getting into neopets a lot as an adult. it's not interesting but as an adult i've played with a focus on guilds, designing my pets, and unwinding but at the moment i've kind of let go of ever thinking neopets would be as much fun as it used to be. as weird as it sounds, i just never got used to what modern neopets is. i hope with this site you can see how much i cherish memories of neo. please contact me if you have a neopets fan site too. ^_^; and enjoy the rest of mine!

image gallery

these are just images that i have a nostalgic connection to or just thought were kool. :P

i took the screenshot above on 8/23/2021!!! the kacheek seek page only gives me this error. check out the old school oops banner! :D

kool neopets links

ATTENTION: i have neverending attention span for old neopets content but not tons of time to research. please reach me at my neocities profile if you know some good pages i can add here! i would really appreciate it. <3 onsite pages that are still up
  • how to draw neopets - i remember printing these out constantly at friends' houses and the library! ^_^ still fun!!!
offsite pages

i just had to add this video here. it's by far the best video i've ever seen about neopets!!

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