audio "ocean trader market," the loop that plays when you're entering islands

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mini shrines
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this is an unstructured shrine-type page where i can geek out about my happiest place in the world!!!

you may have noticed that i have a page all about E.T. adventure, it's my favorite attraction at universal. =) nothing compares to the nostalgia and excitement it brings me to reach the queue and get ready to ride. on my last trip, i even spoke to many of the people working at the ride to try and shmooze my own interplanetary passport. i didn't have any luck but the employees did seem in good spirits lol...

i had to privilege of going to universal a few times with my family growing up. i always had so much fun hanging out with my brother, especially when we got a little older and were able to explore the parks on our own. our favorite ride was always the same -- DUELING DRAGONS! i have many silly memories of riding dueling dragons four or five times in a row.

CrystalJoy-Creations on dA

as i became a teenager, my family kinda stopped going on vacations (i think for a mix of reasons) so i went about 10 years without going to universal studios florida~ in this time, i lost touch with my fandom and actually kind of became a disney world person o_O it took my graduating college to put me back in touch with universal. my generous grandma offered to treat my boyfriend and i to a trip... i was going for disney but my bf was firm that he wanted to go to universal. (it was my graduation gift but i'm glad he did after all!!)

during the time of my graduation trip, i was really just getting started in life. working at a craft store and barely making any money, didn't have a car, barely making rent... i think that's why that trip left such a huge impression on me. it was 5 days of heaven and no worries! universal had also changed a lot since i'd been. it was the first time i went to the wizarding world of harry potter, many new attractions. it was a blast!! i didn't even like harry potter but was so impressed by the theming, i bought the first book and read it to help post-vacation depression.

a few years later, i ended up marrying aformentioned boyfriend. we flew under the radar of covid and got married at a courthouse so we could avoid the reception our parents wanted us to have HAH. it was in 2020 when everything was very unsure. our first wedding anniversary ended up falling RIGHT as our covid vaccines would be effective so we decided to make a universal trip happen right before they lifted their ppe rules. it was honestly even better than the first time we went together!! our communication skills were better with each other and we were able to get properly excited since we knew more about what to expect. we had the best time.

mini shrines

as much as i'd like to make a full-blown fansite for every attraction at universal and islands, it's not possible BWAHA. use the menu below to browse some miniature shrines i made for some favorites.

my first trip to universal with the wizarding world of harry potter, i was prepared to think it was boring because i'm not really a harry potter fan. by the end of the trip, i'd bought the first volume just so i could further enjoy the theme park. the theming here is top class! one of my favorite things to do leading up to visiting universal is to marathon all the HP movies. =)

favorite attraction: harry potter and the forbidden journey
favorite snack: i'll pass on most things, the butterbeer is fun to try once but it's not my thing
i obviously don't stand by j.k. rowling... this website is a safe space !

i'm always excited to walk around seuss landing!! it's a perfect interpretation of dr. seuss in real life. my favorite ride is definitely the cat in the hat, i'm instantly nostalgic walking into the queue and feeling the cold air. =)

favorite attraction: the cat in the hat
favorite snack: i don't think i've tried anything here!! need to fix that!


i'm a huge fan of the simpsons and i was in heaven the first time i visited springfield! the highlight for me is the dining for sure. when it comes to rides, it's a little disappointing the simpsons ride is a bit simple and it's mostly carnival games. T_T" it's also so fun seeing the merch in springfield. there's so many small details from the simpsons series. it gets me every time that BORT is a listed name on all the custom-name merchandise
favorite attraction: i'm more of a fan of walking around springfield and enjoying the theming
favorite snack: just about everything!! i love the krusty burger, duff beer, and the lard lad donut of course!

the amazing adventures of spider-man

i have a lot of memories of this ride as a kid, i think it's one of the best-aging rides. in my childhood, it rarely had any wait but nowadays it seems to be more popular. i think the way this ride incorporates screens is SO well done and i love that it actually uses practical effects. i definitely want to ride this at least once every time i'm at islands of adventure!

i made this mini shrine instead of one about marvel island at large cuz i actually think spider-man is the only decent thing about that area since i'm not a fan of the hulk or the annoying music in marvel island ^_^"

i've loved the jurassic park area of islands of adventure since i was a dinosaur-loving kid. the river adventure is such a special ride, i also remember the triceratops encounter too... nothing beats dino animatronics!

whenever visiting this area, i really notice and admire how many small details there are all over. i also always admire how unchanged parts of jurassic park are. i never get tired of poking around in the jurassic park discovery center. i'm happy knowing this area will stay around for longer with the new velocicoaster which is definitely the most intense roller coaster i've ever been on.

favorite attraction: i'm torn between river adventure and velocicoaster!
favorite snack: the casado burger at the burger digs

things i want to do around universal

  • try some snacks in seuss landing and/or eat at circus mcgurkus cafe stoo-pendous
  • my dream is still to convince an E.T. adventure staff to give me a passport lmfao
  • stay at a hotel on property
  • blowout trip for my 30th birthday
  • eat breakfast at three broomsticks

my universal penny collection

rather than being a completionist here, i'm more the type to carefully collect only my favorites. i also try to limit my picks somewhat so i can get a penny next time. :P

universal studios chocolate bars

so i've been looking at these chocolate bars FOREVER. i'm always very careful with how i spend my souvenir and thought they would be anti-climactic even though i was tempted. i finally broke down and picked one up on my recent trip and loved it. i was surprised by the lovely embossing on the first one i tried... i'm definitely planning to try them all now!

they are 3 for $9.99 and found throughout universal studios and islands of adventure gift shops

betty boop's red velvet
i enjoyed this bar, it has a true red velvet flavor and i love the theming

E.T. chocolatey peanut butter bar
dazzling embossed design! and i was instantly sold on the inclusion of reese's pieces