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synth history: what is a piece of advice you would give to someone fearful of releasing their own music?

chris stewart: i don't know how inspiring of an answer this is, but right now, there is so much music being released constantly that what would be the point of being afraid of it? in the time it took me to write this, like fifty thousand jams just got uploaded to streaming services, never to be heard from again. so if your music is bad and no one likes it or listens to it, who cares? as long as it's something you're doing for yourself or you are doing for an intended audience because you think it will bring them relief in some way, then that should be enough. besides, it doesn't make sense to worry about things you can't control just in general. even if you do release music and even if it is really good, some people still won't like it, maybe because they are jealous you actually did something instead of just talk about it, or maybe because they read somewhere it's not that good, written by someone who didn't even really listen to it. it's an unmanageable situation. so just embrace that instead of trying to control it. and above all, embrace the conviction that as long as you like it, there will be other people that like it too.

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