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late 20's

heavenly countryside

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arts and crafts, manga, theme parks, vintage toy collecting, retro pop culture, street style, costco, sewing, journaling, thrift shopping
musicdisco, house music, eurobeat, and a little of everything else :P

my favorite CD is happy rave 95 :)

moviescastle in the sky, elvira mistress of the dark, freaky friday, helter skelter, hereditary, horse girl, i love you phillip morris, jurassic world, kiki's delivery service, muriel's wedding, my neighbor totoro, only yesterday, peewee's big adventure, pokémon: the movie 2000, spirited away, the bling ring, the muppets take manhattan, vertigo
televisionazumanga daioh, cardcaptor sakura, kath and kim, mission hill, moomin, princess jellyfish, queer as folk, rupaul's drag race, sex and the city, the looney tunes show, the simpsons

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here for:just for fun
body type:pleasantly plump
sign:scorpio sun and taurus moon
education:bachelor's degree

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hi, my name is [redacted]. i'm a gay man in his late 20's who lives in a rural area. i'm happily married, my partner and i have a sweet cat. i worked in retail for about 5 years after finishing an art degree and recently started working full-time.

it's kinda weird to explain my own personality but i'm kinda introverted. i would rather hang out with a few people instead of in groups and i really love spending time by myself. i make an effort to be friendly to everyone but i've heard mixed impressions of myself lol. to explain my personality simply, i will tell you i'm...

scorpio sun ~ taurus moon ~ taurus rising ~ INFJ ~ life path 8

i bet you thought i was gonna say my hogwarts house too :P maybe one day if i get around to it i could make a page about those personality markers. i like new-age stuff like astrology and tarot but i don't know much about it yet. there's so much to learn...

you can find out a lot about my interests based on my pages here on neocities. i love universal studios and islands of adventure, betty boop, orcas/killer whales, and i have too many hobbies. ^_~

my website actually started as a very raw and emotional journal and coping mechanism in a time i was going through some struggles. over time, i've phased out using it that way and it's just become a hobby and used as a tool to unwind. i'm very nostalgic about the internet when i was a pre-teen so i have a lot of fun finally getting to run my own little page.

thanks for stopping by and reading a little about me. please stay as long as you'd like and enjoy my other pages.

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