arts and crafts, manga, theme parks, vintage toy collecting, retro pop culture, street style, costco, sewing, journaling, thrift shopping

sorry if this is rambly! i'm a terrible writer.

hi, my name is [redacted]. i'm a gay man in his late 20's who lives in a rural area. i'm happily married, my partner and i have a sweet cat. i worked in retail for about 5 years after finishing an art degree and recently started working fulltime by running my own business. i like it a lot but the isolation can be a little challenging at times. i'm extremely grateful to have the chance to do what i'm doing now. :)
i like utilizing vision boards and the law of attraction to bring good things into my life.

this site will eventually be expanded but even now, i think the site itself shows my aesthetic taste and interests, i don't have to explain about them here.

it's kinda weird to explain my own personality but i'm kinda introverted. i would rather hang out with a few people instead of in groups and i really love spending time by myself. i make an effort to be friendly to everyone but i've heard mixed impressions of myself lol. to explain my personality simply, i will tell you i'm...

scorpio sun ~ taurus moon ~ taurus rising ~ INFJ ~ life path 8

i bet you thought i was gonna say my hogwarts house too :P maybe one day if i get around to it i could make a page about those personality markers. i like new-age stuff like astrology and tarot but i don't know much about it yet. there's so much to learn...

i'm currently a serious workaholic because i run my own business. i think it would benefit me in the longrun to spend a little more time unwinding. building this site is what appeals to me right now but eventually i hope to start playing virtual pet games again (neopets and chicken smoothie!!) and other video games. i love to make art but now that i make my living with it, it feels strange to do it for fun.

anyway, i think that's enough to give myself something to read when i forget who i am. :P

⁺˚*•̩̩͙✩ more about me pages ✩•̩̩͙*˚⁺‧͙

music disco, house music, eurobeat, and a little of everything else :P

my favorite CD is happy rave 95 :)

movies ~no order and i'm prone to forget tons~
castle in the sky, elvira mistress of the dark, freaky friday, helter skelter, hereditary, horse girl, i love you phillip morris, jurassic world, kiki's delivery service, muriel's wedding, my neighbor totoro, only yesterday, peewee's big adventure, pokémon: the movie 2000, spirited away, the bling ring, the muppets take manhattan, vertigo

television ~no order and i'm prone to forget tons~
azumanga daioh, cardcaptor sakura, kath and kim, mission hill, moomin, princess jellyfish, queer as folk, rupaul's drag race, sex and the city, the looney tunes show, the simpsons

books i rarely get to read lately because i'm always working. i can't get into audiobooks... but here's my goodreads account if you want to lurk my books.